Diary of a Lousy Housewife

Well, my time alone to get the house cleaned up ended in a big mess. I gave in to my OCD/perfectionism and spent the entire time cleaning two rooms. After a big blow up with Mr. L, I realized I really needed to focus on smaller steps, doing at least a triage cleanup in rooms that were disasters, and maintaining the rooms that were clean and orderly.

My cold turned into a sinus infection, which thankfully I got antibiotics for yesterday, so that slowed my progress over last weekend, but for the most part, the house has been straightened up every day. And, with the girls on Spring Break, so they’re home all day, that’s saying something.

I still struggle a lot between the house work, taking care of the girls, and (theoretically) having a freelance design business. I haven’t had much work in the last six months, so it’s been easy to concentrate on the first two and let the last one slide. Now that Mr. L has been laid off, I feel more pressure to get the business back up and running, but my other two priorities have not only not lessened, but have increased since he’s home all day, so there’s more dishes/cooking to do as well as more straightening up during the course of the day rather than waiting until when he was on his way home from the office. On the one hand, I want more help, but the reality is that he needs to concentrate on finding a new job.

I wish I had a crystal ball that would at least tell me that in six months we’ll be fine, he’ll have a new job, and we’ll be living somewhere, who knows where, but at least we’re fine. Unfortunately, nobody has invented a crystal ball yet. Somebody could make a fortune on that.


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