Diary of a Lousy Housewife

Not Quite on Schedule

Posted on: March 21, 2010

So I spent all of yesterday in the basement–and it’s still not done! Once I got down there, I realized that things needed to be put away before the floor could be cleaned (long story short, we had two elderly cats who left their mark). And there was no way that the existing shelving could handle everything that had been put down there over the last few months. So my first task was to pull out the IKEA shelving we bought 7-8 years ago but never assembled. Some of the bolts were missing, so I could only put two of the three sets together, but this finally gave me space for all of our paper/plasticware supplies, space for additional Christmas decorations, and (my favorite) a shelf unit that stores all of the excess photos, tchotchkes, candles, etc, etc, that have been sitting in the basement for the past five years while most of the walls/surfaces in the house have gone bare.

We have an old “coal room” in the basement–the place in days gone by where coal was shoveled in to run the boiler. I’m using that room as a space to keep stuff that needs to go to the dump as well as stuff that I’ll put out at a garage sale. Doing that, as well as the new shelving, allowed me to really clean the place up. The workbench is still a mess and the floor still needs some scrubbing, but it’s SO much better than it was!

Today I’ve retooled my schedule to get the rest of the house done (such optimism). Of course, I’m already an hour behind that new schedule. But, I’m confident that by the time I fall into bed tonight, the house will be drop-in ready (except for my office on the 3rd floor, which I’m tackling tomorrow).

While I certainly miss my girls and Mr. L, having time to myself is such a nice luxury. Even when the time is spent cleaning, it’s relaxing to know that I don’t have to feed or wipe anyone but myself for at least another 30 hours. 🙂


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