Diary of a Lousy Housewife

A Half-Dozen Eggs on the Kitchen Floor

Posted on: October 22, 2009

So over the last few days, I’ve gotten a lot done around the house. My kitchen is both straightened up AND cleaned up–although there’s some clutter starting to creep in that I need to address today and I didn’t do any dishes yesterday. I moved our portable island into the middle of the room and it’s amazing how much better the kitchen looks. It’s like I renovated for free. And because we can now use the breakfast bar that’s part of the island, I need to buy stools, which means that I have a VALID reason for trekking to IKEA soon!!! This is hugely exciting for me as the closest IKEA is 2hr away and unless I really do *need* something there, it’s hard to justify the trip. Moving from DC to Cleveland, the only two things that I felt I was giving up (other than an amazing group of friends and support system), were IKEA and The Container Store. If either of them ever come to Cleveland, I will be a bliss-filled gal. A bliss-filled gal with an empty checking account, but we’ll worry about that if it ever comes to pass.

Okay, so back to the kitchen. I cleaned off the counters and cabinet fronts and even wet mopped the floor. Less than 24hr later, my youngest decided to take the carton of eggs out of the fridge and play with the eggs, eventually cracking most of them on the floor. So, the floor that I had JUST cleaned was covered in sticky, yucky eggs. This did not make me happy. Now, I realize that the cardinal rule of cleaning is Do It Now–almost any spill is easier to get up if you do it IMMEDIATELY. Not surprising, given my lousy housewife status, I didn’t clean it immediately. I didn’t even clean it for 4-5hr. So when I did start trying to clean it up last night (after liberally sprinkling salt on it because I had read somewhere that salt dries up eggs so they’re easier to clean up), I found myself scraping dried egg yolk off the floor with my fingernail. Pleasant. And let it be noted that I still haven’t finished cleaning it up.

I spent about 2-3hr yesterday cleaning up our bedroom. It was looking like, as Mr. Lousy put it, “a closet had thrown up in there.” Hee, hee. Take a lousy housewife, add in a dryer that was out of commission for two weeks, and a change in seasons necessitating switching wardrobes, and you have a ridiculous amount of clothes flying about. I got everything put away and while things are still dusty and cobwebby and please don’t look under the bed, the room looks pretty good.

On to the family room, the bane of my existence. The family room is truly the heart of our house. When we were home shopping 4 1/2yr ago, one of the things that I insisted that we needed was a family room. Our neighborhood was built in the 1920s, so unless a basement was built out or an addition put on, these houses don’t have family rooms. So our house has an addition, built in the 60s, and we spend probably 85% of our time in there. It’s our main TV room–with the wall-mounted big-ass TV and surround sound; it’s our de facto dining room since our formal dining room doesn’t allow you to see the TV–and who eats a meal without watching TV?!; it’s the primary play space for our girls, even though they have a HUGE playroom upstairs; it’s my de facto office, despite my having a really huge office on the third floor; and, finally, it functions as the girls’ and my main entrance to the house because of where my car is parked in the driveway.

So in order to keep the peace, this room needs to be cleaned up. And while I had been making minor progress over the last week, it needed a solid amount of time spent on it. Mr. Lousy was working late and arrived home just as the girls were going to bed, thus giving me no time to spend in there. I told him that if he would give me some time, I would make it presentable. 45min of fast-paced straightening later, the room looked pretty good. Of course, by this point it was 11pm and we were just sitting down to dinner. Yeah, still need work on time management.

Today’s goals are to (1) maintain the bedroom; (2) clean the kitchen floor, do the dishes, and get rid of the clutter in there; (3) move the laundry along (still working on the backlog from 2wk with no dryer); (4) do more decluttering and going through paperwork in the family room to make it look even better; and (5) finally figure out what’s going on with the powder room toilet–meaning either I snake it out or I call a plumber or I try and snake it out, realize I can’t get it unclogged, and then call a plumber. And that’s on top of paid work that needs to be done, pick up at preschool most likely followed by a 1/2hr on the playground, and generally being a wife and mother and daughter. Phew.


2 Responses to "A Half-Dozen Eggs on the Kitchen Floor"

See.. at least you have the excuse of a big house.. a really big house! We live in a one-bedroom apartment and I still find it SO hard to clean it all at once.. Part of it is because I have a 4-month old baby, and I’m working full time from home. But in my mind, I really find no excuse for being so lazy..

I was blessed with the sweetest husband ever, who would never say a word about the place.. but this only adds to my feelings of guilt.. because the way his face beams when he sees the house clean is just priceless πŸ˜€

I have literally seen micro-ecosystems thrive in our kitchen (it is that bad).. There are pots and tupperware that I have thrown away without my husband knowing about it, only because they were dirty beyond the power of any cleaning stuff!

Back to your post, I think you’re doing a great great job.. Let’s hope this enthusiasm would last for both of us πŸ˜‰

No, no, you are the one with the excuse–it’s much more difficult to keep a smaller place picked up than a big place. You don’t have anywhere you can stash stuff. PLUS you have a baby?!? and you work full-time, from home?!?! Honey, cut yourself some slack. Someday we’ll compare mold colonies–some days I think I’m creating new life over here.

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