Diary of a Lousy Housewife

Off to a Stumbling Start

Posted on: October 14, 2009

I get distracted. Easily. Very easily. Like, right now, I should be doing work, but it’s much more fun to rearrange my tabs in Firefox and then, hey, I should write another blog post. Meanwhile, I have a 9am deadline as well as needing to get dressed, get two little girls dressed, pack a lunch, and get the oldest off to preschool. Hmm. Blogging? Not the best use of my time. But let me give just a quick update.

So Mr. Lousy was out of town night before last. He went off to work Monday morning and returned yesterday around 8pm. You would think in that amount of time I could get a whole lot done. And, I sort of did. But there’s just so much left to clean up. I think I’m going to start a log so that I can actually see what housework I accomplish each day and generally how the house looks.


  • Obsessively decluttered bookcases in family room; cleaned up 2/3 of family room; balance of room looks like tornado went through it–I’m not good about judging how much time I have to spend on a project and will get obsessive about a little portion of the room, thus leaving the rest a mess
  • Did a big load of dishes (still left about another load’s worth on the counters)–if I did dishes everyday, there’d never be a backlog, but I’m working on that
  • Made the bed & straightened up the bedroom–I’m pretty good at doing this every day
  • Straightened up the girls’ bedroom–pretty much a daily occurrence

Of course, I did other things these two days–made a couple of necessary phone calls, cooked for myself and the girls; went to Target. Wow, doesn’t sound like all that much, does it? Deep breath. Progress, not perfection. I try and make this my mantra, but given that Mr. Lousy prefers to think that the only progress IS perfection, it’s a challenge.

Back to work. It’s 7:20 am and I really need to focus. (After I go to the bathroom, pick out the girls’ clothes, pack a lunch, etc, etc, etc. Good thing I have flexible clients.)


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